Surfing in the Maldives with Perfect Wave Travel

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Featured Image & Above L/R Photo Credit: The Perfect Wave / Margarita Salyak.
One rainy, summer’s day in July, I checked my phone to see a new message notification from Dave Mailman. Dave Mailman is the hero who did the Epic TV surf report on our first episode (Kelly Says – A Winters Tale In Newquay) […]

Surfing A British Summer

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Even though Britain seems to have an endless winter that lasts about 9 months of the year, it seems summer is finally here! 3 weeks ago I took my gloves off and my hands were still freezing, but after a few weeks of warm weather, I’m actually in my summer suit (a summer suit in […]

The Sara Taylor Interview

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Last year before the UK Boardmasters competition, I got a message off a good friend Sarah Beardmore. She said that her friend Sara Taylor from California (Huntington Beach) had entered Boardmasters but didn’t know anyone and that I should drop her a message. I got in touch with Sara and it turns out she didn’t […]

The Guide Of “What Not To Do” When Cold Water Surfing

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Cold water surfing can be epic but it’s definitely challenging. Especially when you’re getting in for 1ft onshore waves….and its snowing. Instead of compiling a list of “What To Do When Cold Water Surfing”, we’ve gone for “What You 100% Shouldn’t Do”, yet somehow we always end up doing them!

Wear Skinny Jeans

After a recent surf […]

10 Essentials For A Kelly Says…Surf Trip

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We’ve done a few surf trips since we started filming Kelly Says… so we thought we’d share (sharing’s caring) what we take with us when we go on a little adventure.

1) Music 

Cannot. Live. Without. It. Especially on the long road trips to France or Scotland. This doesn’t mean we have a good taste in music. […]

The Embarrassing Diaries Part 2

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The second on my list of most embarrassing moments whilst surfing, has to be the time I knocked myself out on a 1ft day with a 10ft longboard. Winning.

Again, this was about 6 years ago, when I was living in Spain and it was pretty much flat but I thought I’d grab one of the […]

The Embarrassing Diaries – Part 1

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After previously posting about our wipeouts I thought we needed a special section for those embarrassing moments in surfing. Lets be honest, there’s a lot of them.

I’m going to jump straight in there with my Number One – the time my bikini bottoms came undone. I was surfing a reef break in Tenerife about 4 […]

More Stoke Than Sense

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So I’ll be the first to admit that I get pretty scared in big surf. When I say big surf, I mean about shoulder to head high. I never used to be too bothered by it until we filmed Episode 2 of Kelly Says in France. Basically, it was a solid 6ft swell at the Mens’ […]

The Art Of The Wipeout

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I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in a lot of things, maybe just in the art form of making a good cup of tea, my knowledge of the Sons Of Anarchy Tv Series and knowing how often Chris Hemsworth gets his abs out in the movie Thor (the answer is a lot). There is, however, […]

Episode 5 – Down Under – OUT NOW!!

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It’s finally here! It’s been a year and a half since we filmed an episode as Dannie temporarily moved to the other side of the world, so I (Hannah) flew out to visit her in Australia so she could take me on a tour of Australia’s crappiest waves.

We filmed most of this episode on the […]