The Flat Days

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Have you ever surfed loads in a week and feel like you’re really improving and then it goes flat? Yeah, us neither. Though its definitely a bit of a let down when you have a couple of days off work and there’s no surf. I’m (Hannah) currently living in Woolacombe, North Devon waiting for Dannie […]

The Story Behind Kelly Says

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Lets start at the beginning – We (Dannie and Hannah) were both living in Newquay and had a tendency to spend winters in warmer places, but the winter we started Kelly Says we were both sort of stuck in Newquay. It was a standard November day, the waves were pretty crap and the stoke was at an all […]

Filming And Fun Stuff!

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Ever wondered how we film an episode of Kelly Says? Probably not – BUT we thought we’d share the process (or lack there of) with you!

So generally we pick a location and before we go we think of cool stuff we’d like to do when we get there and then make a basic plan. When we get there […]

Kelly Says…Blog Launch!

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Welcome to the Kelly Says… Blog!

We (Hannah and Dannie) have decided that instead of keeping all our thoughts, amazing ideas, wipeouts and our not so handy hints/tips to ourselves, we’d share them with the universe.

Its a behind the scenes of how we film, what we get up to, how we get motivated to surf and generally a feel good vibe. […]