Kelly Says Episode 8
Bali Bagus – Out Now!

Episode 8 - Bali Bagus
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Kelly Says Surf - Hannah Bristow and Dannie MacLennan

WTF is Kelly Says?

It all started, once upon a time, on a cold autumn day in Newquay when two girls didn’t want to surf the 2ft onshore mush. That was until someone pointed out that 11x world champion (and full-blown legend) Kelly Slater says you have to surf all kinds of waves (including the crappy ones) to improve. Not sure whether they were his exact words or not, the girls decided to film their mission of surfing all types of waves throughout the UK winter. At the end of it they had a load of footage and no idea what to do with it, so they put together Kelly Says Episode 1 and decided to share the stoke.

Recent Ramblings

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