10 Essentials For A Kelly Says…Surf Trip

We’ve done a few surf trips since we started filming Kelly Says… so we thought we’d share (sharing’s caring) what we take with us when we go on a little adventure.


1) Music 

Cannot. Live. Without. It. Especially on the long road trips to France or Scotland. This doesn’t mean we have a good taste in music. Far from it in fact. Dannie listens to everything from Pitbull, to the soundtrack to the Lego Movie. I listen to crap 80’s rock (Bon Jovi) or ACDC and Billy Idol on repeat….or country music. I’m really into country music at the moment.

2) Surfboards

Don’t forget your surfboard. Its happened to us before. Also, we try to take a selection if we’re going by car, like a foamie for some rad shore breaks (see episode 3 in Scotland….the board didn’t return home with us).

3) Camera Charger

I lose/temporarily misplace everything and chargers are top of the list.

4) Wetsuits

Even if you think its going to be warm (i.e. when we filmed in Tenerife) it can actually be nippy on those dawnies or if it gets windy. Unless you’re going Indo, taking a bit of neoprene cant hurt.

5) Beer or Cider

Pretty self explanatory

6) Local SIM card for Data

Dannie is epic at sorting this out. Her phone is unlocked so she grabs a local SIM and she can get the surf report up wherever we go and also google maps – she’s a rad co pilot. I’m crap at checking surf reports and generally just ignore them going on gut instincts (never works) but Dannie will study them for hours. She is the master of finding hidden, sheltered beaches when its macking or swell magnets for when everywhere else is flat.

7) Contact lenses/first aid kit

I’m the most accident prone person ever (I got hit by a lorry whilst on crutches) so a decent first aid kit is a must. As long as we’ve got a decent antibacterial spray and some butterfly stitches and a general first aid kit, I’m pretty much set. Me and Dannie both wear contact lenses so we have to make sure we’ve got some spare ones and our glasses or else we end up paddling in circles.

8) Hats

I think this is Dannie’s number one. Warm hats for winters, rad hats for summer. Protect those eyes and ears!

9) Suncream/hair protection/Mosquito repellent

DO NO BURN. I got burnt in Scotland. In November. Also, my hair all got damaged when I first started surfing and all snapped off and got really short because I didn’t take care of it. I looked a lot like Britney Spears when she shaved her head. Now I rinse it with fresh water every time I get out of the surf and put some leave-in conditioner or oil on it afterwards. Oh, if there is 1 mosquito in a 100mile radius, it will bite me. On the face. Guaranteed. I prefer to take mosquito repellent from the UK as I trust it more and sometimes it can be hard to find (i.e in Indo).

10) Spares

Spare fins, fin key, wax, Ding repair kit. It depends on where we’re going as to how much we load up. If its somewhere like Australia, then you know you’ll be fine if you forget something. If you’re in the middle of no where, in Scotland, then its a good idea to load up on stuff, just in case.

There’s loads of other stuff you can take on a surf trip but these are the things that come to mind when we’re preparing to go away and film or have a little adventure. Let us know what your travel essentials are…just incase we’re missing out on taking away something epic on our travels!

<3 Hannah & Dannie xxx

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