A Bali Surf Adventure with Perfect Wave Travel

It was a nerve wracking time after we uploaded our Maldives episode last year and sent it to the team at Perfect Wave Travel. We had promised to showcase how amazing their boat trip was, but in reality, it was mostly clips of Dannie failing to do a somersault off the boat and landing straight onto her back. Thankfully, the legends at The Perfect Wave still gave it a thumbs up, as luckily for us it’s really difficult to make paradise look bad.

So when Dave and Caleb called us again asking if we wanted to go and film another episode at the stunning S-Resorts Bali, Dannie shouted “ABSOLUTELY” at me and it was all set! We were planning on taking our Californian friend Sara Taylor with us again on this trip, seeing as she actually provides some decent surfing, but she had to shred the gnar and film on the East Coast (hard life) so we looked for another “special guest”.

I rang our good friend Jaide Lowe (aka Jaide Lowe Gurfer), who she said absolutely not and turned us down because she had important university work to finish. Then about five minutes later, she rang me back saying she had booked a flight. HERO. Jaide is hilarious, though sometimes she doesn’t quite realise it, but she also charges, loves big waves and brightens up anyone’s trip.

The flight to Bali went really smoothly and when we arrived we were picked up by the S Resorts’ driver and taken to PARADISE. We cannot describe how stunning it is in the “Hidden Valley”, it’s so incredible. We arrived in the afternoon and met with the manager Richard – he’s the friendliest and most helpful guy ever and takes his time out to meet every guest that arrives. TOP LAD.

We were then shown to where we were staying and our mouths hit the floor. Photos and words cannot do the S Resorts Bali justice! We stayed in beautiful cottages in a stunning oasis, with a swimming pool and villas surrounding us.

First things first, we obviously got a cold Bintang and planned where to surf the next day. We headed to Greenballs for a low tide surf with only a handful of people out and it was such a fun session. It was low/off season but we didn’t get a day of onshore wind or rain and the swell was pumping! For the rest of the trip we surfed all around the Bukit from Padang to Bingin to Uluwatu and a few hidden spots – shout out to our amazing guides Calvin & Daniel.

We had all been to Bali before but none of us had ever had an experience like this one. We got to surf uncrowded breaks all day and then relax and laugh at Jaide and her antics by the poolside afterwards.

Bali is such an iconic surf destination and we feel like you could visit 50 times and see something new each time. You don’t need to be a professional surfer to surf here and as long as you keep an eye on the surf report and choose the right days, you can easily paddle out at Uluwatu or Bingin and catch the waves of your life. You only have to watch Dannie’s section to see how much Bali improves your surfing (awww – cheers pal)!

I feel like we could write all day about how amazing it was but it’s probably best just to watch our video and hopefully have a laugh and see the stunning setting. We are fully aware, for a pair of kooks who love to travel, just how lucky we are to film at these amazing destinations and we just want to say a massive thank you to Perfect Wave Travel and everyone involved in our trip!

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