Surfing in the Maldives with Perfect Wave Travel

Featured Image & Above L/R Photo Credit: The Perfect Wave / Margarita Salyak.

One rainy, summer’s day in July, I checked my phone to see a new message notification from Dave Mailman. Dave Mailman is the hero who did the Epic TV surf report on our first episode (Kelly Says – A Winters Tale In Newquay) – he lives in France and is an all round legend. It turned out that Dave now works with Perfect Wave Travel and he wanted to ask us this question:

“Would you and Dannie be interested in filming an episode in The Maldives?”

Was he for real?!

Surfing A British Summer

Even though Britain seems to have an endless winter that lasts about 9 months of the year, it seems summer is finally here! 3 weeks ago I took my gloves off and my hands were still freezing, but after a few weeks of warm weather, I’m actually in my summer suit (a summer suit in the UK is a 3’2 – lets not get too excited). British summers are a little bit hit and miss. I love the UK but even surfing a British summer can be just as challenging as surfing a British winter. Here’s a few things we’ve found out since ditching the winter gear and heading into June.

The Sara Taylor Interview

Last year before the UK Boardmasters competition, I got a message off a good friend Sarah Beardmore. She said that her friend Sara Taylor from California (Huntington Beach) had entered Boardmasters but didn’t know anyone and that I should drop her a message. I got in touch with Sara and it turns out she didn’t have a clue what was going on, she’d just booked a flight and had no where to stay and was going to wing it. I told her to come stay at mine until the competition and then we’d all head down together.

The Embarrassing Diaries Part 2

The second on my list of most embarrassing moments whilst surfing, has to be the time I knocked myself out on a 1ft day with a 10ft longboard. Winning. Again, this was about 6 years ago, when I was living in Spain and it was pretty much flat but I thought I’d grab one of the 10ft huge NSP/BIC type longboards and try and catch a little wave. My friends were on the beach […]

The Embarrassing Diaries – Part 1

After previously posting about our wipeouts I thought we needed a special section for those embarrassing moments in surfing. Lets be honest, there’s a lot of them.

I’m going to jump straight in there with my Number One – the time my bikini bottoms came undone. I was surfing a reef break in Tenerife about 4 years ago, it was pumping and the aggro locals were out in force. I’d just caught a nice wave and got smashed trying to hit a section. Somehow the double knot in my bikini bottoms had come undone on one side […]

More Stoke Than Sense

So I’ll be the first to admit that I get pretty scared in big surf. When I say big surf, I mean about shoulder to head high. I never used to be too bothered by it until we filmed Episode 2 of Kelly Says in France. Basically, it was a solid 6ft swell at the Mens’ WCT event in Hossegor and seeing as myself and Dannie were there doing what we do best (stalking Kelly Slater) we decided we wanted to have a bash and go for a surf. Anyone who’s ever been the that part of France will tell you that, that coastline has NO shelter anywhere. We travelled for 2hrs up and down the coast looking for a sheltered bit but basically France is just one massive beach (I didn’t take Geography as a GCSE so my knowledge might not be on point) […]

The Art Of The Wipeout

I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in a lot of things, maybe just in the art form of making a good cup of tea, my knowledge of the Sons Of Anarchy Tv Series and knowing how often Chris Hemsworth gets his abs out in the movie Thor (the answer is a lot). There is, however, one subject which I feel I can call myself an expert and thats in the wipeout category. Now I don’t want to brag but I don’t only specialise in the art of wipeouts when it comes to surfing but also skating, snowboarding and in general day to day life. I feel like a lot of you might be able to relate to this.

Episode 5 – Down Under – OUT NOW!!

It’s finally here! It’s been a year and a half since we filmed an episode as Dannie temporarily moved to the other side of the world, so I (Hannah) flew out to visit her in Australia so she could take me on a tour of Australia’s crappiest waves.

We filmed most of this episode on the Sunshine Coast where Dannie was living, and the whole thing was filmed in the space of 3.5 days.

The Flat Days

Have you ever surfed loads in a week and feel like you’re really improving and then it goes flat? Yeah, us neither. Though its definitely a bit of a let down when you have a couple of days off work and there’s no surf. I’m (Hannah) currently living in Woolacombe, North Devon waiting for Dannie to get back from warmer but sharkier climates and we had an epic week of surf followed by some flatness. […]

The Story Behind Kelly Says

Lets start at the beginning – We (Dannie and Hannah) were both living in Newquay and had a tendency to spend winters in warmer places, but the winter we started Kelly Says we were both sort of stuck in Newquay. It was a standard November day, the waves were pretty crap and the stoke was at an all time low. We were about to call it a day before we hadd even got out of the car until a friend pointed out that Kelly Slater says “You have to surf all kinds of waves to improve and not just the good ones” (not his exact words but you get the idea).

Filming And Fun Stuff!

Ever wondered how we film an episode of Kelly Says? Probably not – BUT we thought we’d share the process (or lack there of) with you! So generally we pick a location and before we go we think of cool stuff we’d like to do when we get there and then make a basic plan. When we get there we generally ignore everything we’ve written down/planned and leave the camera in the car and go for a surf. […]

Kelly Says…Blog Launch!

Welcome to the Kelly Says… Blog! We (Hannah and Dannie) have decided that instead of keeping all our thoughts, amazing ideas, wipeouts and our not so handy hints/tips to ourselves, we’d share them with the universe. Its a behind the scenes of how we film, what we get up to, how we get motivated to surf and generally a feel good vibe.

Please note that anything said on this website/in our videos/on twitter/facebook/tumblr/mumblr/jumblr are our views and our views only. Kelly Slater has not actually contributed to any of the content featured. Yet.