Surfing in the Maldives with Perfect Wave Travel

Featured Image & Above L/R Photo Credit: The Perfect Wave / Margarita Salyak.

One rainy, summer’s day in July, I checked my phone to see a new message notification from Dave Mailman. Dave Mailman is the hero who did the Epic TV surf report on our first episode (Kelly Says – A Winters Tale In Newquay) – he lives in France and is an all round legend. It turned out that Dave now works with Perfect Wave Travel and he wanted to ask us this question:

“Would you and Dannie be interested in filming an episode in The Maldives?”

Was he for real?! Fast forward to September and we’ve recruited Sara Taylor (our friend and pro surfer from Huntington Beach, California) to come with us and actually provide some decent surfing footage! She flew into England a few days before the trip and then myself, Dannie and Sara headed to Heathrow to fly out to the Maldives.

Once there, we got a water taxi over to Male, the capital, where we were spending a night before starting the boat trip. Male was really interesting and whilst there we took a walking tour of the city, ate some great food and saw some of the local sights. It’s 100% Muslim in the Maldives and we weren’t sure what to expect being tourists in the capital, but the locals were some of the most friendly people we had ever met! We had a great experience on Male.

The next evening, we were picked up by a small boat that would take us to the Surf Sojourn to start our boat trip. All of this was arranged with zero hassle and honestly, it was the easiest transfer we’ve ever had! We boarded the boat at night and were met with fresh coconuts and….beer! We also met the most epic surf guide in the whole world… MISHU!!! Mishu is from the Maldives, he speaks better English than I do, he charges in the surf and understands everything Dannie says, even when she’s had a bottle of wine. LEGEND.

 The first morning we woke up at dawn, super excited, and headed to a spot called Jails which turned out to be 6ft+, barrelling and glassy! Dannie and I looked at each other (with a little bit of fear in our eyes!), but managed to man-up and paddle out to score some waves. At this point, I’m not going to lie, the surf in the Maldives is beyond epic! It has waves for everyone and over the course of the trip we surfed waves that looked like Cloudbreak, some long, shallow, barrelling rights and we also headed south to surf empty, shoulder-high line-ups all day long!

There’s almost too much to write up about our trip but here’s a summary of some of the highlights:

  • The boat and crew – The crew on the Surf Sojourn were literally amazing. They were so friendly and wouldn’t let us lift a finger! They took us right out to the line-up countless times every day, helped to store our surfboards and just made sure we had everything we needed.
  • The waves were amazing (an obvious highlight, but one we’ve got to shout about)! We were blown away by how pumping the surf was. A couple of the days were just too big for myself and Dannie but our surf guide, Mishu, was amazing and took us to some smaller and more sheltered spots where we felt we would have more fun. We did get to watch Sara charge 8ft+ solid waves though!
  • The food on the boat was SOOOOO GOOD! Compliments to the chef – we’re not sure how he did it but no two meals were the same. There was so much choice at every meal and those with allergies or food preferences had plenty to eat.
  • The weather was amazing and the Maldivian people even more fantastic! We got to go to a few local islands and managed to film from a couple of them, it was just awesome.

We can’t thank The Perfect Wave and Dave enough for letting us film an episode in such an awesome location on an amazing boat. It was my first ever boat trip and its not going to be my last; we were so gutted to have to come to land on the last day! It was literally the trip of a lifetime and we have the best memories that we’ll never forget. If you want any more info on boat trips in the Maldives check out and if you want to watch our latest episode then here it is!

Surfing A British Summer

Even though Britain seems to have an endless winter that lasts about 9 months of the year, it seems summer is finally here! 3 weeks ago I took my gloves off and my hands were still freezing, but after a few weeks of warm weather, I’m actually in my summer suit (a summer suit in the UK is a 3’2 – lets not get too excited). British summers are a little bit hit and miss. I love the UK but even surfing a British summer can be just as challenging as surfing a British winter. Here’s a few things we’ve found out since ditching the winter gear and heading into June:


  • We can finally take our smelly wetsuit boots off! Oh wait, why does it feel like there is washing up liquid on my board? Hello, slip and faceplant.
  • It’s officially summer yet it’s raining, cold and cloudy. You get out of a crap surf, wondering why you took your boots off, and catch a glimpse of your face….to see you’ve somehow got sunburnt. Best wetsuit tan lines ever.
  • It’s a small day and the sun is shining! There’s a little wave and you’re out surfing when you turn around to see 1000 British people on bodyboards (with no wetsuits) are right infront of you and they’re trying to make it out back. GAME ON.
  • You hear someone shouting you and immediately think someone’s in trouble. Then you look and see it’s a drunken stag party that have swam out to you and want to have a go on your surfboard.
  • It’s a hot and sunny day with no wind and some swell! You drive to your favourite spot, only to find the carpark is full and you have to park about a mile away….and pay £8.
  • Putting on a wet wetsuit, even in summer, is still awful.
  • You rock up at the beach and see an epic little sand bank has peeling waves. Then you realise the lifeguards have put the swimmers flags there and you’re not allowed to surf it.
  • After weeks of no waves, you see a little swell on the forecast so drive to that “kind of secret spot” that picks up a little swell….and there’s 50 other people already there.
  • Surfing your local break and loads of tourists you’ve never seen before are out and being aggro and calling you off the waves. WHERE WERE YOU GUYS IN FEBUARY WHEN IT WAS 2FT AND ONSHORE?!?!?!
  • Driving between spots, down the narrow country lanes, normally takes 10 minutes in winter. In summer it can take hours as some Old Dear has tried to drive a motorhome down a small lane, can’t reverse and traffic is blocked in both directions.
  • You can go for a surf at 4.30am as it’s already light. You go to bed super early and stoked that finally some swell is hitting. Wake up and check the cameras to see that there’s already 30 people out…at 5am. Again, WHERE WERE YOU GUYS IN FEBUARY?!
  • During the long flat spells you think that it’s a good idea to hit up the skate park. Unfortunately it’s the school holidays so there’s a load of kids bombing around on scooters with their parents shouting at you and telling you to watch out for their kids. Does it look like I have that much control when I’m dropping in?!
  • At some point you’re going to have to rescue a kid on a bodyboard, who’s wearing goggles and has bright pink sunburn.

So as much as we love the summer sunshine, warmer water temperatures and the lighter mornings and evenings, we realise that British winters are not all that bad!

<3 Hannah & Dannie xxx


The Sara Taylor Interview

13170768_10153646920411446_957565617_o.pngLast year before the UK Boardmasters competition, I got a message off a good friend Sarah Beardmore. She said that her friend Sara Taylor from California (Huntington Beach) had entered Boardmasters but didn’t know anyone and that I should drop her a message. I got in touch with Sara and it turns out she didn’t have a clue what was going on, she’d just booked a flight and had no where to stay and was going to wing it. I told her to come stay at mine until the competition and then we’d all head down together.

I’m not going to lie, from the day I picked up a bewildered looking Sara from the bus station in Exeter, I’ve just kind of been in awe of how rad she is. I mean she travelled from LA and stepped off the bus just holding a book and picked up what can only be described as the lightest board bag in the world. It must’ve been a 5’5 and weighed about 10 kilos at most.

Not only is she a rad person, she is by far one of the best female surfers I’ve ever seen. She really should be on the World Tour. She has a style and variety in her surfing which is so refreshing yet she can’t get a sponsor. Why? Because she wont sell out. She can’t get to all the WQS’s so that she can qualify (she works so she can only get to some) but the surf industry would rather give sponsorship to models than surfers. Standard. She’s not bitter at all though, she just does her thing, has a epic time and out surfs pretty much everyone in the water….with a massive smile on her face.

So here’s a little interview I’ve done with Sara and also one of her videos. This video is seriously epic and the last turn is next level!

 Hey Sara, cheers for doing these questions! So how old were you when you started surfing and how did you get into it?

I started surfing circa 10 years old. All the neighbourhood boys started surfing around then and my uncle took me a few times.

Where’s your favourite wave?

Huntington Beach Pier on a good day. Always nice getting good waves at home.

Worst wipeout?

My first time surfing Pipe, I got a wave on the head from a freak set. Everyone around me ditched their board and I tried to duck dive. It wasn’t fun. My face was bleeding a little.

Most embarrassing moment in surfing? 

One time I was in a rush and I ran over my friends board. Twice. The 2nd time was backing up after I initially ran it over.

Biggest waves you’ve surfed?

Phantoms on the north shore. I Got whipped in by a ski!

Which 3 surfers would you want to go have a drink down the pub with?

Tom curren, Warren smith and Mason ho

Would you rather surf like John John or give a post heat interview like Mason Ho?

John John, although I do really appreciate Mason.

The top 3 things you noticed about the UK?


Coo cows. Is that what they’re called? (This is where I tell Sara they’re actually called Highland Cows….we saw some in Scotland)

Watch out for Weaver Fish.

The weirdest thing you ate in the UK?

Almost everything was pretty “normal” . I maybe ate too many chips though…

Which surfer inspired you most when you were growing up?

Definitely Chelsea hedges, with a dash of Lisa Anderson

Goals for 2016/2017?

Travel and film and do the WQS.

Hidden talent?

I’m starting a hot sauce company. I doubt it will do well in the UK though. (Sara bought over with her a stash of hot sauce sachets from the US and literally ate them with every meal).

Most random fact about yourself?

I won Dane Reynolds 1990 Volvo in the #gimmedatcardane contest.

It’s driving pretty well still, it just got new brakes.

dane reyolds

If you’re not surfing, what are you up to?

I like drinking coffee, riding my moped, taking photos and watercoloring.

So thats Sara in a nutshell. She’s back in the UK this summer to do some of the European WQS’s and to have some more British adventures! If you want to see an epic female surfing video then here it isClick here to check out Sara’s rad video!!!!!  Also, go follow her on Instagram, its pretty entertaining: @sara_tay 


The Guide Of “What Not To Do” When Cold Water Surfing

Cold water surfing can be epic but it’s definitely challenging. Especially when you’re getting in for 1ft onshore waves….and its snowing. Instead of compiling a list of “What To Do When Cold Water Surfing”, we’ve gone for “What You 100% Shouldn’t Do”, yet somehow we always end up doing them!

1.  Wear Skinny Jeans

After a recent surf in Lynmouth, Devon, I took about 30minutes to wiggle into what can only be described as the tightest trousers in the world. I’ve surfed so many winters and somedays, I still forget. As much as wearing sweatpants/jogging bottoms can make you feel like a guest on the Jeremy Kyle Chat Show, they’re so good for winter car park changes.

2.  Forget a boot/glove/hood/wetsuit

This sounds like an obvious one but trust me, its happens. In February, I’d just gotten back from Indo and my first surf was in the North Sea at Saltburn. Air temp was 2 degrees and the water temperature was 7 degrees. I’d left home at 5.30am in the dark and when I got there at first light, I’d started to get changed and realised I’d left one of my boots at home. I still went in but I lasted about 20minutes and even the northerners called me hardcore so I knew it was bad.

3.  Forget What Time It Gets Dark

I’ve been caught out in winter more times than I can remember. Getting home from work early, suiting up and running down to the water, only to find that its getting dark. Then you get one wave and have to get out, wondering if it was worth it? It always is!

4.  Whacking Up The Temperature In The Shower

It always seems like such a good idea. You’re just so cold and then you get in the shower and HELLO CHILBLAINS!

5.  Staying In Too Long

I’m sure everyone has done this one! Staying in too long and then you get out and there is so much to deal with. You physically can’t take your gloves off, cue having to ask a random person passing by for help. Then when you do get them off you can’t properly grip your key and unlock your car or house. Then you just kind of stand there wondering how you’re going to get out of the wetsuit….generally this leads to me having some form of breakdown.

6.  The Quick Change

You pull up to a spot and see it firing and are so amped that you change quicker than you’ve ever changed before and jump in the water. It’s when you get out of the water and you’re a freezing mess, you realise your clothes are thrown all over the place. By the time you’ve sorted through everything, your clothes are soaking and so are your car seats.


Forgetting to hang out your wetsuit and going for another surf. SAY NO MORE.

<3 Hannah & Dannie xxx

10 Essentials For A Kelly Says…Surf Trip

We’ve done a few surf trips since we started filming Kelly Says… so we thought we’d share (sharing’s caring) what we take with us when we go on a little adventure.


1) Music 

Cannot. Live. Without. It. Especially on the long road trips to France or Scotland. This doesn’t mean we have a good taste in music. Far from it in fact. Dannie listens to everything from Pitbull, to the soundtrack to the Lego Movie. I listen to crap 80’s rock (Bon Jovi) or ACDC and Billy Idol on repeat….or country music. I’m really into country music at the moment.

2) Surfboards

Don’t forget your surfboard. Its happened to us before. Also, we try to take a selection if we’re going by car, like a foamie for some rad shore breaks (see episode 3 in Scotland….the board didn’t return home with us).

3) Camera Charger

I lose/temporarily misplace everything and chargers are top of the list.

4) Wetsuits

Even if you think its going to be warm (i.e. when we filmed in Tenerife) it can actually be nippy on those dawnies or if it gets windy. Unless you’re going Indo, taking a bit of neoprene cant hurt.

5) Beer or Cider

Pretty self explanatory

6) Local SIM card for Data

Dannie is epic at sorting this out. Her phone is unlocked so she grabs a local SIM and she can get the surf report up wherever we go and also google maps – she’s a rad co pilot. I’m crap at checking surf reports and generally just ignore them going on gut instincts (never works) but Dannie will study them for hours. She is the master of finding hidden, sheltered beaches when its macking or swell magnets for when everywhere else is flat.

7) Contact lenses/first aid kit

I’m the most accident prone person ever (I got hit by a lorry whilst on crutches) so a decent first aid kit is a must. As long as we’ve got a decent antibacterial spray and some butterfly stitches and a general first aid kit, I’m pretty much set. Me and Dannie both wear contact lenses so we have to make sure we’ve got some spare ones and our glasses or else we end up paddling in circles.

8) Hats

I think this is Dannie’s number one. Warm hats for winters, rad hats for summer. Protect those eyes and ears!

9) Suncream/hair protection/Mosquito repellent

DO NO BURN. I got burnt in Scotland. In November. Also, my hair all got damaged when I first started surfing and all snapped off and got really short because I didn’t take care of it. I looked a lot like Britney Spears when she shaved her head. Now I rinse it with fresh water every time I get out of the surf and put some leave-in conditioner or oil on it afterwards. Oh, if there is 1 mosquito in a 100mile radius, it will bite me. On the face. Guaranteed. I prefer to take mosquito repellent from the UK as I trust it more and sometimes it can be hard to find (i.e in Indo).

10) Spares

Spare fins, fin key, wax, Ding repair kit. It depends on where we’re going as to how much we load up. If its somewhere like Australia, then you know you’ll be fine if you forget something. If you’re in the middle of no where, in Scotland, then its a good idea to load up on stuff, just in case.

There’s loads of other stuff you can take on a surf trip but these are the things that come to mind when we’re preparing to go away and film or have a little adventure. Let us know what your travel essentials are…just incase we’re missing out on taking away something epic on our travels!

<3 Hannah & Dannie xxx

The Embarrassing Diaries Part 2

12992857_10153605031156446_1540925656_nThe second on my list of most embarrassing moments whilst surfing, has to be the time I knocked myself out on a 1ft day with a 10ft longboard. Winning.

Again, this was about 6 years ago, when I was living in Spain and it was pretty much flat but I thought I’d grab one of the 10ft huge NSP/BIC type longboards and try and catch a little wave. My friends were on the beach hanging out, mainly because they weren’t as keen to surf the 1ft waves as I was.

I paddled out on this little reef break (there were no sand breaks where I was living) and I had been in the water for about 30 seconds when I caught my first wave. If anyone has surfed with me, they know I don’t really clean my equipment too often and also my wax jobs are questionable. The wax was about 3years old and there wasn’t really any on the nose of the board. So when I tried one of those Hang 5’s that you see on the TV, I slipped off my board. No big deal, it happens a lot, I’m used to it. The only problem was, I thought the board had passed over me when I was underwater, so when I came up, I made the huge mistake of not covering my head. The board was actually still behind me and on the next wave heading straight towards me. As I put my head up above the water, the nose of this 10ft log went straight into my cheek bone, just under my eye socket.

So the next thing i remember was opening my eyes and I was just lying on my back. Luckily I’m not the size of a twig so I float pretty well. I was a bit confused and couldn’t open my eye and most of all, I felt like a massive kook (which probably should’ve been the least of my worries).

I got my board and actually paddled back out and made myself catch a few more waves. I don’t think I was being super hardcore, I was just in shock and trying not to freak out, but after about 5 minutes I realised this was a stupid idea. I got out of the water and kind of stumbled up the beach until my friends realised I hadn’t had a few beers whilst sat out in the line up and that I’d actually hurt myself. Can I just add at this point, my mates would make crap lifeguards.

They took me to the hospital and I had 3 fractures in my face. Thats right, I broke my face. Unfortunately it didn’t make me look like Alana Blanchard or a super model, I just kind of looked more like Sloth from the Goonies as you can see in the picture.

Even though it could’ve been pretty serious, I just felt mainly embarrassed because I was a surf instructor at the time and basically:  a) I had to explain daily that I did it whilst surfing but “no worries guys, you’ll be super safe with me!” and b) It happened on a 1ft day because I hadn’t changed my wax in a few years and I didn’t cover my head when I fell off the board – which is one of the top rules when you surf.

So if you learn anything from my swollen, mess of a face, it should be that even when surfing 1ft days, cover your head. Also, aim to change the wax on your board as frequently as the Brazilians thank God for their heat wins. I’d better get buying some more blocks of wax.

The Embarrassing Diaries – Part 1

blog use

After previously posting about our wipeouts I thought we needed a special section for those embarrassing moments in surfing. Lets be honest, there’s a lot of them.

I’m going to jump straight in there with my Number One – the time my bikini bottoms came undone. I was surfing a reef break in Tenerife about 4 years ago, it was pumping and the aggro locals were out in force. I’d just caught a nice wave and got smashed trying to hit a section. Somehow the double knot in my bikini bottoms had come undone on one side and they had slid down and wrapped around my leash. I was scrambling to pull them back up and tie them back on and then I heard someone shouting. I looked up and the most aggro local of all of them was coming flying down the line and I was right in his way, treading water. I had 2 options: mess up his wave or jump on my board with my bare arse in the air and paddle out of his way. If you’ve ever surfed in the Canaries with the local guys, you’ll know theres only one option – get your bare butt on your board and paddle the f*&k out of his way. Did I mention there was about 50 people in the line up?

So I jumped on my board and started paddling and I went up over the wave as he was bottom turning underneath me…the poor guy. A whole set came through and I was just having to paddle out of the way and duck dive and I’m not Alana Blanchard, so it wasn’t pretty. Then I basically sat outback and tied them back up, spun around and caught the first wave to come through and went to the beach. Knowing I’d flashed the whole line up made me feel like it could go one of two ways, I might get arrested for indecency or the locals might give me a wave every now and then for entertainment value. The positive was that I didn’t get arrested but on the other hand, the locals didn’t seem that impressed.

Theres also that time I knocked myself out on a 1ft day with a longboard, I’ll save that story for next time……

<3 Hannah & Dannie xxx

More Stoke Than Sense

whatcouldgoSo I’ll be the first to admit that I get pretty scared in big surf. When I say big surf, I mean about shoulder to head high. I never used to be too bothered by it until we filmed Episode 2 of Kelly Says in France. Basically, it was a solid 6ft swell at the Mens’ WCT event in Hossegor and seeing as myself and Dannie were there doing what we do best (stalking Kelly Slater) we decided we wanted to have a bash and go for a surf. Anyone who’s ever been the that part of France will tell you that, that coastline has NO shelter anywhere. We travelled for 2hrs up and down the coast looking for a sheltered bit but basically France is just one massive beach (I didn’t take Geography as a GCSE so my knowledge might not be on point). We’d got fed up of driving so just stopped at one of the many beaches on that coast line and decided it looked as good as any and we were going to get in. The fact that no one was out should have given us a bit of warning. What could go wrong?!

I was pretty much at my limit in that surf and so was Dannie. We were so far out to sea and the water was so deep it felt like WA and pretty sharky (not literally but I’m sure you get the idea). We’d both caught a couple of waves and were saying how we were “just in the right place” that if a huge set came through, it would break outside and mellow out before it got to us. Due to the offshore winds, we hadn’t quite realised that we’d been blown out to sea a little bit. Cue the set of the day. I looked at Dannie, Dannie looked at me, I sh*t myself, I’m pretty sure Dannie did the same and we both just sat there trying not to freak the other one out.

The wave broke literally in front of us and I must’ve been feeling like a Pro or something because I tried to duck dive it. Dannie on the other hand did a last minute ditch, but not where you swim as deep as you can, just a kind of “argh get that board away from me” ditch and took the full impact….to her face.

I lost my board about 0.001 seconds into my duck dive and I was pretty calm at first, I was just bumbling around near the top. Then it sucked me down and my ears popped and I did the counting thing but gave up when I reached 15. It was so dark and when I finally felt myself start to float, I did 5 big breast strokes and still wasn’t at the top. Its been the only time I really thought I was going to drown but the only thing keeping me calm was knowing Dannie was somewhere underwater and going through it as well. I came up to see Dannie was still under and watched her pop up just in time to get a breath and we got smashed by the next one. Meanwhile, our filmer (Emma) on the beach, missed the whole thing cause she got attacked by a bee. True story.
So basically, after we lost contact lenses, bikinis and a lot of confidence, we managed to paddle together to the beach in a shaky, half crying, mess. The only really cool thing was that we went through it together so anytime anyone asks us what our worst wipeout was, we just look at each other and are like “That time we got our asses handed to us in France”.

So I guess this article about More Stoke Than Sense is really just about safety. Don’t do what we did and be a kook hero. We’re not Kelly Slater and Surfing No Matter What is great but you don’t have to literally go out when Kelly Slater is out. I think we became the champions of 1ft onshore mush not long after this happened!

If you guys have any wipeout stories then we’d love to hear them!

The Art Of The Wipeout

wipeout 2I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in a lot of things, maybe just in the art form of making a good cup of tea, my knowledge of the Sons Of Anarchy Tv Series and knowing how often Chris Hemsworth gets his abs out in the movie Thor (the answer is a lot). There is, however, one subject which I feel I can call myself an expert and thats in the wipeout category. Now I don’t want to brag but I don’t only specialise in the art of wipeouts when it comes to surfing but also skating, snowboarding and in general day to day life. I feel like a lot of you might be able to relate to this.

I used to be one of those girls who really got embarrassed if some one saw me stack it and I looked really awkward which I think makes the whole thing 10 times worse. If you feel awkward then everyone around you feels awkward and its just not a great situation. So through filming Kelly Says I’ve kind of learned to embrace the wipeouts and enjoy them as much as I do an actually decent wave. Maybe I’m a little late to the party and everyone does this already but I feel like I’ve made up for lost time.

I always thought that people (and when I saw people I mean guys) would generally think I was stupid/crap/should get out the water but I genuinely think that as long as they can see you trying, they are actually impressed and stoked for you. I try to claim my wipeouts like Adriana De Souza claims a 2 point ride on the WSL, it takes a lot of effort but I think I’m getting there. I just feel like you’ve got to own them. Ive actually done this in a few surf competitions that when I’ve face planted or gone over the falls, i’ve thrown up my hands being like “give me a 10”! They never have. Hopefully it brightens their day up though.

So I doubt this will be the only post on wipeouts but we’d love to hear your best wipeouts or worst wipeouts or any wipeouts!
See you all in the surf, I’ll be the one doing the Superman pose down the face of the wave….on my belly

<3 Hannah & Dannie xxx

Episode 5 – Down Under – OUT NOW!!

It’s finally here! It’s been a year and a half since we filmed an episode as Dannie temporarily moved to the other side of the world, so I (Hannah) flew out to visit her in Australia so she could take me on a tour of Australia’s crappiest waves.

We filmed most of this episode on the Sunshine Coast where Dannie was living, and the whole thing was filmed in the space of 3.5 days. Other than the teeny time limit, the biggest challenge was definitely overcoming our fear of native Australian fish – particularly the big ones with the really sharp teeth! In the episode you’ll see we have a book called “Australia’s Most Dangerous Animals” which we got for filming and fun, but one day Dannie happened to read the shark section before we went surfing and I think she lasted a whole 10 minutes before having to get out of the water because she was freaking herself out.. So I guess one thing we learnt whilst surfing in Oz is that you don’t read books about sharks before you go for a surf!

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did filming it and just drop us a message if you want to get in touch or if you ever want to come surf with us! See you in the surf 🙂

<3 Hannah & Dannie xxx

PS – Some of this footage was sneakily filmed in Indo as on the way out to Oz we both met in Bali for a week to hunt down some fun left-handers!

The Flat Days


Have you ever surfed loads in a week and feel like you’re really improving and then it goes flat? Yeah, us neither. Though its definitely a bit of a let down when you have a couple of days off work and there’s no surf. I’m (Hannah) currently living in Woolacombe, North Devon waiting for Dannie to get back from warmer but sharkier climates and we had an epic week of surf followed by some flatness. Cue the light bulb moment of “why don’t I go to the skate park?”. It always seems like such a good idea. We constantly say how we “aren’t the best surfers in the world” but when it comes to skating – there are no words.

I called up fellow Woolacombe surfer Jaide Lowe to see if she wanted to join my one woman crew of awesomeness and come for a skate. I did temporarily forget that the day before, she was having a bash at skating around a car park, fell off and the board flew out and hit a 5yr old who was riding his bike. She knocked him over like he was a domino. Jaide’s pretty popular with the parents in the village and is always available for baby sitting. Anyway, I thought she would be the best person to go on a skate mission to the mini ramp at Croyde.

You know its bad when you turn up to skate and are so intimidated by the 11-12yr old Grom’s who are shredding and you just stand in the corner, too afraid to do anything. Luckily I help out at Grom Surf Training sometimes so I’m down with the kids (thats what I tell myself). They cleared a little area for me to drop in and do a few runs where I wouldn’t cause harm to anyone else. I was pretty nervous but the Grom’s were awesome and even though they were doing flip tricks that I could never dream of landing, they genuinely seemed stoked by my lame efforts. Also, Jaide learnt how to skate a ramp, whilst wearing dolly shoes, without maiming small children and I felt like we’d done something productive on a flat day.

So I guess that’s the story of how we went skating on a flat day. If there’s anything we learnt its that 12yr olds can give great skating advice and sometimes being a crap skater can be just as much fun as being a crap surfer – it just hurts a little more.

<3 Hannah & Dannie xxx

The Story Behind Kelly Says


Lets start at the beginning – We (Dannie and Hannah) were both living in Newquay and had a tendency to spend winters in warmer places, but the winter we started Kelly Says we were both sort of stuck in Newquay. It was a standard November day, the waves were pretty crap and the stoke was at an all time low. We were about to call it a day before we hadd even got out of the car until a friend pointed out that Kelly Slater says “You have to surf all kinds of waves to improve and not just the good ones” (not his exact words but you get the idea).  That started the whole “Kelly Says” thing and we decided we’d film us trying to surf everyday in the winter, No Matter What, to see if we could improve our surfing and also to give us a reason to stop just staying inside drinking tea and watching Jeremy Kyle.

We didn’t really know what we were going to do with the footage, or that we were going to call it Kelly Says, and the whole beach house interview was a sort of last minute thing. We weren’t even doing it for anyone to really watch, though we were so stoked when people did! We just wanted to be entertaining and hopefully a little funny as they’re our favourite kind of videos to watch (check out Spencer Sterling’s stuff if you want a laugh – he’s everything we want to be!). To be fair we doubt Kelly Slater has ever woken up at 6am in December in the uk, driven 2 hours to surf knee high crap and then only had a 3’2 wetsuit with holes to put on. I’m sure he’d appreciate our efforts though.

From making these videos I think we’ve figured out that we’re pretty crap surfers, definitely not models, we like a drink or two and its takes us ages to get our wetsuits on. That being said, filming gave us the motivation to get in the water and have a laugh. Hopefully people can relate and enjoy our videos as much as we like making them!

<3 Hannah & Dannie xxx

Filming And Fun Stuff!


Ever wondered how we film an episode of Kelly Says? Probably not – BUT we thought we’d share the process (or lack there of) with you!

So generally we pick a location and before we go we think of cool stuff we’d like to do when we get there and then make a basic plan. When we get there we generally ignore everything we’ve written down/planned and leave the camera in the car and go for a surf.  When there’s about 2 days left on the trip we realise we have hardly any footage, a bit of a hangover and the best waves/swell has pretty much disappeared and we should probably get the camera out. Most of what we film is literally made up on the spot and its kind of just what we enjoy doing. We do try and learn some of the basics when it comes to filming (like actually using the tripod instead of just hanging our towels on it to dry) and have a few special friends we can call when we can’t open up Final Cut Pro for editing or have accidentally deleted everything. Generally what takes the longest is finding a song – we love a good tune! Because Youtube took off the song to our first video (we didn’t think anyone would actually watch it) we now get have to get permission from the artist to use the track. We’ve been super lucky with this and had some rad emails from certain people (Tove Lo!) who have been awesome enough to let us put our crap surfing to their music.

We guess our main goal is just to try to entertain people be ourselves and share the stoke. If you have any questions or are trying to film/edit and need some help or advice then there are definitely much better people to ask but we are more than happy to help so just shoot us an email!

<3 Hannah & Dannie xxx

Kelly Says…Blog Launch!

kellysaysWelcome to the Kelly Says… Blog!

We (Hannah and Dannie) have decided that instead of keeping all our thoughts, amazing ideas, wipeouts and our not so handy hints/tips to ourselves, we’d share them with the universe.

Its a behind the scenes of how we film, what we get up to, how we get motivated to surf and generally a feel good vibe. We love to laugh and share the stoke, so if you feel you’d like to add something or have an idea for one of our videos then drop us an email at:

See you all in the surf and remember: ITS NEVER TOO SHITE TO PADDLE OUT!!

<3 Hannah & Dannie xxx

Please note that anything said on this website/in our videos/on twitter/facebook/tumblr/mumblr/jumblr are our views and our views only. Kelly Slater has not actually contributed to any of the content featured. Yet.