The Embarrassing Diaries – Part 1

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After previously posting about our wipeouts I thought we needed a special section for those embarrassing moments in surfing. Lets be honest, there’s a lot of them.

I’m going to jump straight in there with my Number One – the time my bikini bottoms came undone. I was surfing a reef break in Tenerife about 4 years ago, it was pumping and the aggro locals were out in force. I’d just caught a nice wave and got smashed trying to hit a section. Somehow the double knot in my bikini bottoms had come undone on one side and they had slid down and wrapped around my leash. I was scrambling to pull them back up and tie them back on and then I heard someone shouting. I looked up and the most aggro local of all of them was coming flying down the line and I was right in his way, treading water. I had 2 options: mess up his wave or jump on my board with my bare arse in the air and paddle out of his way. If you’ve ever surfed in the Canaries with the local guys, you’ll know theres only one option – get your bare butt on your board and paddle the f*&k out of his way. Did I mention there was about 50 people in the line up?

So I jumped on my board and started paddling and I went up over the wave as he was bottom turning underneath me…the poor guy. A whole set came through and I was just having to paddle out of the way and duck dive and I’m not Alana Blanchard, so it wasn’t pretty. Then I basically sat outback and tied them back up, spun around and caught the first wave to come through and went to the beach. Knowing I’d flashed the whole line up made me feel like it could go one of two ways, I might get arrested for indecency or the locals might give me a wave every now and then for entertainment value. The positive was that I didn’t get arrested but on the other hand, the locals didn’t seem that impressed.

Theres also that time I knocked myself out on a 1ft day with a longboard, I’ll save that story for next time……

<3 Hannah & Dannie xxx

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