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Ever wondered how we film an episode of Kelly Says? Probably not – BUT we thought we’d share the process (or lack there of) with you!

So generally we pick a location and before we go we think of cool stuff we’d like to do when we get there and then make a basic plan. When we get there we generally ignore everything we’ve written down/planned and leave the camera in the car and go for a surf.  When there’s about 2 days left on the trip we realise we have hardly any footage, a bit of a hangover and the best waves/swell has pretty much disappeared and we should probably get the camera out. Most of what we film is literally made up on the spot and its kind of just what we enjoy doing. We do try and learn some of the basics when it comes to filming (like actually using the tripod instead of just hanging our towels on it to dry) and have a few special friends we can call when we can’t open up Final Cut Pro for editing or have accidentally deleted everything. Generally what takes the longest is finding a song – we love a good tune! Because Youtube took off the song to our first video (we didn’t think anyone would actually watch it) we now get have to get permission from the artist to use the track. We’ve been super lucky with this and had some rad emails from certain people (Tove Lo!) who have been awesome enough to let us put our crap surfing to their music.

We guess our main goal is just to try to entertain people be ourselves and share the stoke. If you have any questions or are trying to film/edit and need some help or advice then there are definitely much better people to ask but we are more than happy to help so just shoot us an email!

<3 Hannah & Dannie xxx

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