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13170768_10153646920411446_957565617_o.pngLast year before the UK Boardmasters competition, I got a message off a good friend Sarah Beardmore. She said that her friend Sara Taylor from California (Huntington Beach) had entered Boardmasters but didn’t know anyone and that I should drop her a message. I got in touch with Sara and it turns out she didn’t have a clue what was going on, she’d just booked a flight and had no where to stay and was going to wing it. I told her to come stay at mine until the competition and then we’d all head down together.

I’m not going to lie, from the day I picked up a bewildered looking Sara from the bus station in Exeter, I’ve just kind of been in awe of how rad she is. I mean she travelled from LA and stepped off the bus just holding a book and picked up what can only be described as the lightest board bag in the world. It must’ve been a 5’5 and weighed about 10 kilos at most.

Not only is she a rad person, she is by far one of the best female surfers I’ve ever seen. She really should be on the World Tour. She has a style and variety in her surfing which is so refreshing yet she can’t get a sponsor. Why? Because she wont sell out. She can’t get to all the WQS’s so that she can qualify (she works so she can only get to some) but the surf industry would rather give sponsorship to models than surfers. Standard. She’s not bitter at all though, she just does her thing, has a epic time and out surfs pretty much everyone in the water….with a massive smile on her face.

So here’s a little interview I’ve done with Sara and also one of her videos. This video is seriously epic and the last turn is next level!

 Hey Sara, cheers for doing these questions! So how old were you when you started surfing and how did you get into it?

I started surfing circa 10 years old. All the neighbourhood boys started surfing around then and my uncle took me a few times.

Where’s your favourite wave?

Huntington Beach Pier on a good day. Always nice getting good waves at home.

Worst wipeout?

My first time surfing Pipe, I got a wave on the head from a freak set. Everyone around me ditched their board and I tried to duck dive. It wasn’t fun. My face was bleeding a little.

Most embarrassing moment in surfing? 

One time I was in a rush and I ran over my friends board. Twice. The 2nd time was backing up after I initially ran it over.

Biggest waves you’ve surfed?

Phantoms on the north shore. I Got whipped in by a ski!

Which 3 surfers would you want to go have a drink down the pub with?

Tom curren, Warren smith and Mason ho

Would you rather surf like John John or give a post heat interview like Mason Ho?

John John, although I do really appreciate Mason.

The top 3 things you noticed about the UK?


Coo cows. Is that what they’re called? (This is where I tell Sara they’re actually called Highland Cows….we saw some in Scotland)

Watch out for Weaver Fish.

The weirdest thing you ate in the UK?

Almost everything was pretty “normal” . I maybe ate too many chips though…

Which surfer inspired you most when you were growing up?

Definitely Chelsea hedges, with a dash of Lisa Anderson

Goals for 2016/2017?

Travel and film and do the WQS.

Hidden talent?

I’m starting a hot sauce company. I doubt it will do well in the UK though. (Sara bought over with her a stash of hot sauce sachets from the US and literally ate them with every meal).

Most random fact about yourself?

I won Dane Reynolds 1990 Volvo in the #gimmedatcardane contest.

It’s driving pretty well still, it just got new brakes.

dane reyolds

If you’re not surfing, what are you up to?

I like drinking coffee, riding my moped, taking photos and watercoloring.

So thats Sara in a nutshell. She’s back in the UK this summer to do some of the European WQS’s and to have some more British adventures! If you want to see an epic female surfing video then here it isClick here to check out Sara’s rad video!!!!!  Also, go follow her on Instagram, its pretty entertaining: @sara_tay 


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