Surfing A British Summer

Even though Britain seems to have an endless winter that lasts about 9 months of the year, it seems summer is finally here! 3 weeks ago I took my gloves off and my hands were still freezing, but after a few weeks of warm weather, I’m actually in my summer suit (a summer suit in the UK is a 3’2 – lets not get too excited). British summers are a little bit hit and miss. I love the UK but even surfing a British summer can be just as challenging as surfing a British winter. Here’s a few things we’ve found out since ditching the winter gear and heading into June:


  • We can finally take our smelly wetsuit boots off! Oh wait, why does it feel like there is washing up liquid on my board? Hello, slip and faceplant.
  • It’s officially summer yet it’s raining, cold and cloudy. You get out of a crap surf, wondering why you took your boots off, and catch a glimpse of your face….to see you’ve somehow got sunburnt. Best wetsuit tan lines ever.
  • It’s a small day and the sun is shining! There’s a little wave and you’re out surfing when you turn around to see 1000 British people on bodyboards (with no wetsuits) are right infront of you and they’re trying to make it out back. GAME ON.
  • You hear someone shouting you and immediately think someone’s in trouble. Then you look and see it’s a drunken stag party that have swam out to you and want to have a go on your surfboard.
  • It’s a hot and sunny day with no wind and some swell! You drive to your favourite spot, only to find the carpark is full and you have to park about a mile away….and pay £8.
  • Putting on a wet wetsuit, even in summer, is still awful.
  • You rock up at the beach and see an epic little sand bank has peeling waves. Then you realise the lifeguards have put the swimmers flags there and you’re not allowed to surf it.
  • After weeks of no waves, you see a little swell on the forecast so drive to that “kind of secret spot” that picks up a little swell….and there’s 50 other people already there.
  • Surfing your local break and loads of tourists you’ve never seen before are out and being aggro and calling you off the waves. WHERE WERE YOU GUYS IN FEBUARY WHEN IT WAS 2FT AND ONSHORE?!?!?!
  • Driving between spots, down the narrow country lanes, normally takes 10 minutes in winter. In summer it can take hours as some Old Dear has tried to drive a motorhome down a small lane, can’t reverse and traffic is blocked in both directions.
  • You can go for a surf at 4.30am as it’s already light. You go to bed super early and stoked that finally some swell is hitting. Wake up and check the cameras to see that there’s already 30 people out…at 5am. Again, WHERE WERE YOU GUYS IN FEBUARY?!
  • During the long flat spells you think that it’s a good idea to hit up the skate park. Unfortunately it’s the school holidays so there’s a load of kids bombing around on scooters with their parents shouting at you and telling you to watch out for their kids. Does it look like I have that much control when I’m dropping in?!
  • At some point you’re going to have to rescue a kid on a bodyboard, who’s wearing goggles and has bright pink sunburn.

So as much as we love the summer sunshine, warmer water temperatures and the lighter mornings and evenings, we realise that British winters are not all that bad!

<3 Hannah & Dannie xxx


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