Surfing in the Maldives with Perfect Wave Travel

Featured Image & Above L/R Photo Credit: The Perfect Wave / Margarita Salyak.

One rainy, summer’s day in July, I checked my phone to see a new message notification from Dave Mailman. Dave Mailman is the hero who did the Epic TV surf report on our first episode (Kelly Says – A Winters Tale In Newquay) – he lives in France and is an all round legend. It turned out that Dave now works with Perfect Wave Travel and he wanted to ask us this question:

“Would you and Dannie be interested in filming an episode in The Maldives?”

Was he for real?! Fast forward to September and we’ve recruited Sara Taylor (our friend and pro surfer from Huntington Beach, California) to come with us and actually provide some decent surfing footage! She flew into England a few days before the trip and then myself, Dannie and Sara headed to Heathrow to fly out to the Maldives.

Once there, we got a water taxi over to Male, the capital, where we were spending a night before starting the boat trip. Male was really interesting and whilst there we took a walking tour of the city, ate some great food and saw some of the local sights. It’s 100% Muslim in the Maldives and we weren’t sure what to expect being tourists in the capital, but the locals were some of the most friendly people we had ever met! We had a great experience on Male.

The next evening, we were picked up by a small boat that would take us to the Surf Sojourn to start our boat trip. All of this was arranged with zero hassle and honestly, it was the easiest transfer we’ve ever had! We boarded the boat at night and were met with fresh coconuts and….beer! We also met the most epic surf guide in the whole world… MISHU!!! Mishu is from the Maldives, he speaks better English than I do, he charges in the surf and understands everything Dannie says, even when she’s had a bottle of wine. LEGEND.

 The first morning we woke up at dawn, super excited, and headed to a spot called Jails which turned out to be 6ft+, barrelling and glassy! Dannie and I looked at each other (with a little bit of fear in our eyes!), but managed to man-up and paddle out to score some waves. At this point, I’m not going to lie, the surf in the Maldives is beyond epic! It has waves for everyone and over the course of the trip we surfed waves that looked like Cloudbreak, some long, shallow, barrelling rights and we also headed south to surf empty, shoulder-high line-ups all day long!

There’s almost too much to write up about our trip but here’s a summary of some of the highlights:

  • The boat and crew – The crew on the Surf Sojourn were literally amazing. They were so friendly and wouldn’t let us lift a finger! They took us right out to the line-up countless times every day, helped to store our surfboards and just made sure we had everything we needed.
  • The waves were amazing (an obvious highlight, but one we’ve got to shout about)! We were blown away by how pumping the surf was. A couple of the days were just too big for myself and Dannie but our surf guide, Mishu, was amazing and took us to some smaller and more sheltered spots where we felt we would have more fun. We did get to watch Sara charge 8ft+ solid waves though!
  • The food on the boat was SOOOOO GOOD! Compliments to the chef – we’re not sure how he did it but no two meals were the same. There was so much choice at every meal and those with allergies or food preferences had plenty to eat.
  • The weather was amazing and the Maldivian people even more fantastic! We got to go to a few local islands and managed to film from a couple of them, it was just awesome.

We can’t thank The Perfect Wave and Dave enough for letting us film an episode in such an awesome location on an amazing boat. It was my first ever boat trip and its not going to be my last; we were so gutted to have to come to land on the last day! It was literally the trip of a lifetime and we have the best memories that we’ll never forget. If you want any more info on boat trips in the Maldives check out and if you want to watch our latest episode then here it is!

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