The Flat Days


Have you ever surfed loads in a week and feel like you’re really improving and then it goes flat? Yeah, us neither. Though its definitely a bit of a let down when you have a couple of days off work and there’s no surf. I’m (Hannah) currently living in Woolacombe, North Devon waiting for Dannie to get back from warmer but sharkier climates and we had an epic week of surf followed by some flatness. Cue the light bulb moment of “why don’t I go to the skate park?”. It always seems like such a good idea. We constantly say how we “aren’t the best surfers in the world” but when it comes to skating – there are no words.

I called up fellow Woolacombe surfer Jaide Lowe to see if she wanted to join my one woman crew of awesomeness and come for a skate. I did temporarily forget that the day before, she was having a bash at skating around a car park, fell off and the board flew out and hit a 5yr old who was riding his bike. She knocked him over like he was a domino. Jaide’s pretty popular with the parents in the village and is always available for baby sitting. Anyway, I thought she would be the best person to go on a skate mission to the mini ramp at Croyde.

You know its bad when you turn up to skate and are so intimidated by the 11-12yr old Grom’s who are shredding and you just stand in the corner, too afraid to do anything. Luckily I help out at Grom Surf Training sometimes so I’m down with the kids (thats what I tell myself). They cleared a little area for me to drop in and do a few runs where I wouldn’t cause harm to anyone else. I was pretty nervous but the Grom’s were awesome and even though they were doing flip tricks that I could never dream of landing, they genuinely seemed stoked by my lame efforts. Also, Jaide learnt how to skate a ramp, whilst wearing dolly shoes, without maiming small children and I felt like we’d done something productive on a flat day.

So I guess that’s the story of how we went skating on a flat day. If there’s anything we learnt its that 12yr olds can give great skating advice and sometimes being a crap skater can be just as much fun as being a crap surfer – it just hurts a little more.

<3 Hannah & Dannie xxx

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