The Story Behind Kelly Says


Lets start at the beginning – We (Dannie and Hannah) were both living in Newquay and had a tendency to spend winters in warmer places, but the winter we started Kelly Says we were both sort of stuck in Newquay. It was a standard November day, the waves were pretty crap and the stoke was at an all time low. We were about to call it a day before we hadd even got out of the car until a friend pointed out that Kelly Slater says “You have to surf all kinds of waves to improve and not just the good ones” (not his exact words but you get the idea).  That started the whole “Kelly Says” thing and we decided we’d film us trying to surf everyday in the winter, No Matter What, to see if we could improve our surfing and also to give us a reason to stop just staying inside drinking tea and watching Jeremy Kyle.

We didn’t really know what we were going to do with the footage, or that we were going to call it Kelly Says, and the whole beach house interview was a sort of last minute thing. We weren’t even doing it for anyone to really watch, though we were so stoked when people did! We just wanted to be entertaining and hopefully a little funny as they’re our favourite kind of videos to watch (check out Spencer Sterling’s stuff if you want a laugh – he’s everything we want to be!). To be fair we doubt Kelly Slater has ever woken up at 6am in December in the uk, driven 2 hours to surf knee high crap and then only had a 3’2 wetsuit with holes to put on. I’m sure he’d appreciate our efforts though.

From making these videos I think we’ve figured out that we’re pretty crap surfers, definitely not models, we like a drink or two and its takes us ages to get our wetsuits on. That being said, filming gave us the motivation to get in the water and have a laugh. Hopefully people can relate and enjoy our videos as much as we like making them!

<3 Hannah & Dannie xxx

2 thoughts on “The Story Behind Kelly Says

  1. Ha ha love you guys!! We sort of have the same motto here…. “If its crap..get in…If its pumping…get in”. Sometimes even the most shitty days of extreme choppyness and onshore winds, turn out to be the biggest laugh fest.

    Thanks for showing the REAL surfer girl spirit!

    Love your work!

    1. Hey Corinne!

      Thanks so much for the comment, we really appreciate it and are so stoked you like our stuff! Yeah, its crazy how the windy and crap surfs can sometimes be the best? Glad we’re not the only ones just messing around in onshore mush and loving it!!!

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